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Every evening, its unique story

Share unique reading moments with your children thanks to our personalized story generator

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The guarantee of peaceful sleep

Peaceful sleep, peaceful life. The quality of sleep is influenced by the bedtime conditions of the child.

Wonderful Dreams

Our personalized stories, different every evening, allow for a great stimulation of your child's imagination.

Improves the child's self-confidence

Being the hero of stories provides a real boost to your child's self-confidence.

How does it work?

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I enter my child's first name and age

I customize my upcoming stories

I enjoy personalized stories that are different with each delivery


Sleep better, live better

The bedtime ritual has direct consequences on the quality of sleep in children. Offering them an enjoyable and stimulating moment is the guarantee that your child will have a good night's sleep and will be physically and mentally fit the next morning.

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100% tailored stories

The stories generated for your child are fully adapted to their age and designed to stimulate their imagination. Each story is unique and different, allowing you to approach your child's bedtime peacefully after a hard day's work.

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laura comment

I searched everywhere for an app that could help my children fall asleep, and this is the best one I've found.
The stories are really adorable and the images are so beautiful. My children love it.
simon comment

If you're looking for an app that creates stories for children, look no further!
This app is really great. The stories are really engaging and the images are incredible.
jeanne comment

This app is truly fantastic for helping my daughter fall asleep. The stories are very creative and the images are incredible.
It really helps create a calming atmosphere in the room.